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  • Briana Marie - These are gorgeous Nina! That last one is perfection!

  • Linnea - I adore that second to last shot – the wide desert landscape with them in it – just beautiful! Same with the first shot – just so striking.

    Beautiful work like always, Nina!

  • Jenny McCann - Wow LOVE this location and all that yummy light! What a lucky couple.

  • Jainé Kershner - I want to live in these photos. Seriously, the colors & couple are breathtaking!

  • Kristin Sweeting - Oh my goodness! That location is fantastic, and these two are so gorgeous!

  • Cyrus - Wow! Great shoot, great colors. I love the desert and the couple is great.

  • Heidi - Wowza! Absolutely stunning shoot. Beautiful light, beautiful location, and beautiful couple! The trifecta.

  • Nicole Spangler - Oh my word! These images are stunning. Your couple is so lucky to have such amazing images to cherish for a lifetime!

  • Laura Nelson - Nina! These are so beautiful…the colors and light are so dreamy, and the couple is super cute, love her style!

  • Sera Petras - What a lovely engagement session! This has everything you would want! Beautiful couple, gorgeous light with stunning views and I love their outfits, too! Nina, this is a spectacular session!

  • Jessica Garmon - Wow! Beautiful work! This couple has lovely chemistry and the backdrop is stunning!

  • Lisa - Just pinned the one near the end of them walking! Beautiful!

  • Kina - Nina!! These are just gorgeous. SO sweet and soulful.

In the summer of 2013, Lisa and Dominic contacted us about their 2015 wedding, nearly 2 years away.  In November of 2013, Lisa said that their plans had changed, and asked if we would be willing to come for a weekend wedding in Gatlinburg, TN….three months from then….in February of 2014.  A slight change of plans.  Originally, they were going to wait to have a big wedding until after Dominic returned from his third deployment with the Army.  But in the end, they decided they’d rather be married sooner, and have a small and intimate wedding.  We’ve never had so much fun at a wedding!  We spent the entire weekend with Lisa & Dominic and their 12 guests.  The first day we went exploring the woods near their cabin, where a fresh blanket of snow laid for us to play in.  We played on zip lines, went down slides, discovered turkey tracks, and even tossed a few snow balls.  The next day we witnessed a gorgeous wedding, in the cold winter air, as both Dominic and Lisa shed tears as they said their vows.  It was simply beautiful.  From there we returned to the cabin we all shared, and had a an amazing meal created by an incredibly talented chef.  Toasts were shared, and the night was spent celebrating this beautiful union.

  • julie mason - Nina and Wes, your sense of composition and light reflect your artistic talent. Most of these outdoor photos took place after 4pm! It was a real pleasure to share Lisa and Dominic’s wedding with you.

Photography is important.  It captures moments that we will never live again.  We shot Dori & Matt’s wedding a few years ago, and they were such a joy to work with.  Back in September, we got together to chat about adoption.  They wanted to hear about our experiences, and sometimes it’s just nice to talk with others who know and understand the process, and all the joys and frustrations that go with it.  About a month later, they got a call that a beautiful little boy had been born.  A few days after they returned from the hospital with their new son, new parental bliss was interrupted for a moment, as Dori was informed that she had melanoma.  Shortly thereafter, I received an email from her with these exact words, “I’m starting chemo this Thursday.  They say I will start loosing my hair between 10-14 days after treatment.  Is there any way you can do a photo shoot of our little family before I lose my hair?”  And a week later, this session happened.  And I love the absolute joy that shines through all the photos.  I love that we were able to capture these few shots while Dori still had her gorgeous hair.  But I also love that she is still so incredibly beautiful now that she is losing her hair.  Capture the moments.  You will never regret it.

  • Jaime Fenwick - So poignant, so personal…both the photographs and the write-up. Thanks so much for sharing these tender moments Nina. It’s always so apparent that you throw your whole heart and generous spirit into your work. Truly life-giving.

  • Sera Petras - What a powerful and wonderful story. Beautiful images they will treasure!

  • Gus Dizon - Thanks for sharing this wonderful story about life. Adoption is such a gift. Cancer not so much. Praying for Dori.