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Here’s a little snapshot of our day. We just took it easy today, and mainly sat back and enjoyed watching windsurfers and whales and sea turtles. It was awesome. And then tonight, a few of us who got here early for the workshop, got together at Cafe des Amis and had a fantastic time getting to know one another. Can’t wait to get things started tomorrow.

  • Aimee - So beautiful and so much fun!

Today marked day 2 of our time in Maui.  It also marked my 34th birthday.  A year ago, we were holding our babies in Ethiopia.  Today we took the road to Hana.  This is about a two hour drive over 54 miles IF you don’t stop.  It took Wes and I just over 4 hours.  There are approximately 600 turns on this road and 54 bridges.  Yes, it is quite the windy road, but with some magnificent views.  But to be honest, our favorite part came after we got out of the car at the 7 sacred pools.  We took a 4 mile hike to the Waimoku Falls, which fall 400-feet down a sheer lava rock wall. The pictures don’t even do it justice, but it is absolutely beautiful, and quite breath-taking.  And let me just say that those Zumba classes have paid off!  The hike was mostly all uphill, but it didn’t seem too bad.  Hmmm…I must be getting in shape.

So needless to say, once again we got to see more of Maui’s beauty.  Can’t wait to see what the days to come have in store for us!

  • Dianna Rucker - Love these photos. I’ve Never been to Hawaii but this sure makes me think about it a little more. Gorgeous, especially when I’m looking out my window and seeing a frozen tundra right now!

Well, it’s true. We are in Hawaii. Maui, to be exact. And let’s be honest…it’s not too shabby. We are here for an amazing workshop that starts on Sunday, put on by Jill LaFleur of LaFleur Weddings.  I’ll talk about that more later…for now I’ll just say that we will get to shoot with Jose Villa.  ummmm…yeah…amazing!

Anyways, today was our first full day in Maui, and we spent almost the entire day driving around the island, discovering all the beauty it has to offer.  We swam and snorkeled.  We drove with the top down.  We trod carefully around a dangerous blowhole.  We saw a whale taking beautiful leaps out of the water.  And we took lots of pictures.  This is just a sampling, but we’ll have more to come in the days that follow.  Enjoy!

  • Margaret Hagevik - Not the ordinary holiday pics! Wonderful and marvellous! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • Aimee - Awesome!

It was one year ago, today, that we held our children in our arms for the first time.  We had just travelled thousands of miles the day before, starting in Kentucky, and ending up in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.  Our hearts were racing.  We were nervous.  We were numb.  We were happy.  We were scared.  Name the emotion, and we were probably feeling it.  We drove a bumpy road at 9 in the morning, and after about 15 nervous minutes, we arrived at the orphanage where our twins lived.  Our friend and fantastic photographer, Cara Dee of Cara Dee Photography, was with us to document this momentous moment in our lives.  We had seen their pictures over the last 4 months, and now we were standing in a small courtyard, waiting to finally hold the children we had been waiting for, for so long.

I haven’t watched that video in a while.  Wow.  It gets me every time.

In November, we had Amy Campbell of Feather Whimsey Photography capture our first official family pics.

We are so grateful for what God has given us in this life. And these two children….twins and best friends…our son and daughter….they are 2 of the greatest gifts we could have ever asked for. They are our blessings and our family. We love you, Alexander Mikiyas & Eliana Tizita!

  • Laurie Kjernald - Nina, my husband watched the video with me and said that you looked radiant as you were meeting your precious ones. I thought that was one a the best compliments to give.

    We miss your musings!


  • Sarah - What a great video! I didn’t see this the first time around and was teary-eyed watching it now.

  • Amy - I live in KY and I am adopting twins from ET, too. I am waiting for a court date right now and I can’t wait to meet my babies for the first time! I loved seeing your pictures and reading on your blog about your experiences!